Conferences 2018

Poster presentations

Magdalena Zdrowowicz, Samanta Makurat, Lidia Chomicz-Mańska, Janusz Rak
Modified nucleosides as radiosensitizers of DNA damge
International Marie Sklodowska-Curie Meeting “From radiation to innovation in medicine”, Paris, France

Paulina Spisz, Samanta Makurat, Magdalena Zdrowowicz, Witold Kozak, Janusz Rak, K. Macfarlane, J. Salib, M. Sevilla, A. Adhikary, A. Kumar
5-trifluoromethanesulfonyl-2′-deoxyuridine – synthesis and esr studies on potential radiosensitizer 
International Marie Sklodowska-Curie Meeting “From radiation to innovation in medicine”, Paris, France

Magdalena Zdrowowicz, Paweł Wityk, Justyna Wiczk, Janusz Rak
UV-induced electron transfer between triethylamine and 5-bromo-2′-deoxyuridine. A puzzle concerning the photochemical debromination of labeled DNA
Polish Photoscience Seminar, Krutyń, Poland

Samanta Makurat, Lidia Chomicz-Mańka, R. P. P. Neves, S. F. Sousa, P. A. Fernandes, P. Wityk, M. Wieczór, J. Czub, Janusz Rak.
QM/MM ONIOM calculations for DNA damage by solvated electrons. Optimizing a methodology for the modeling of radiotherapy-induced lesions
 3rd Congress of Polish Biosciences BIO 2018 – Through interdisciplinary approach into new solutions, Gdańsk, Poland

Samanta Makurat, Janusz Rak, Z. Cournia
Molecular dynamics of hTK1 – a first step on the way to understand the enzyme action
11th Congress on Electronic Structure Principles and Applications, Toledo, Spain

E. Arthur‐Baidoo, J. Ameixa, R. Meißner,S. Makurat, W. Kozak, F. Ferreira da Silva, J. Rak,S. Denifl
Electron attachment to OTfU: a novel potential radiosensitizer
7th Center for Molecular Biosciences Innsbruck Meeting, Innsbruck, Austria

J. Ameixa, E. Arthur-Baidoo, R. Meißner, F. Ferreira da Silva, S. Makurat, W. Kozak, J. Rak, S. Denifl
Low-energy electron-induced decomposition of 5-trifluoromethanesulfonyl-uracil: a high-potential radiosensitizer
68th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society, Graz, Austria

Oral presentations

S. Denifl, R. Meißner, J. Ameixa, E. Arthur-Baidoo, C. Lochmann, L. Feketeova, E. Illenberger, J. Kocisek, J. Fedor, F. Ferreira da Silva, P. Limao-Vieira, S. Makurat, W. Kozak, J. Rak
Low-energy electron interaction from radiosensitizers: associative vs. dissociative attachment
International Conference “Dynamics of Systems on the Nanoscale” (DySoN), Potsdam, Germany